CosmoTweenz D’Club kids open their hands to help others

In the September newsletter we told you about a new set of CosmoTweenz educational resources called Three choices…and then what happens. (https://cmminstitute.org/2019/09/25/new-cosmotweenz-resources/ ) . The article ended by describing how one of the schools in Oracle has been using the Tweenz cards in their after-school club for deliberations—”D’Club”—as a resource for helping their students to work through difficult social choices. For some time now, the D’Club Tweenz have been practicing what to do in challenging social situations by imagining positive possibilities as well as downsides or trade-off that might occur and how others might be affected.

The D’Club was recently invited to get involved in outreach work done by the Esperanza Quilters, a group of local women in their area that is making quilts for children who are newly immigrating to the United States. The quilts are donated to Casa Alitas ( https://www.ccs-soaz.org/agencies-ministries/detail/alitas-aid-for-migrant-women-and-children) where the immigrant children and families are transported in order to get rest, rehydrate, get a hot meal and a change of clothes, and stay the night before making the journey to their sponsors in America. The Esperanta Quilters want to offer more than the warmth of a beautiful quilt. They also make small bags and add books and stories that will make the immigrant children feel even more welcome and at home. Their challenge is that books cost money. So they asked the school if they could see of ways to help?

This query was brought to the D’Club’s attention, and shared and deliberated amongst the kids, who loved the idea. Sure enough, they decided to “Open their hands” and help. The school arranges for two scholastic book fairs a year, and the D’Club Tweenz got involved in raising money and choosing appropriate books. They are also planning a field trip to Casa Alitas. Here is the D’Club teacher’s feedback after the fair:

D’Club had such a fun time shopping for books for refugee children! They were so careful about their book selection. Colt was quite the entrepreneur—he raised $10 selling his handmade comic books! Thank you for bringing this project to them.»

The Tweenz found their helping experience so positive they started to work on more projects to help. The teacher running the D-Club wrote:

D’Club is now hard at work on a Pink-Out Dance for 3-5 graders. The proceeds raise money for the Susan J Koman foundation. These kids are amazing!

We find this story inspirational: Amazing teachers and amazing kids doing amazing work and making better social worlds.

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