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About the Institute

We have a vision for a better world! A world filled with loving relationships, supportive institutions, creative organizations, and mature civic processes. We know that this world is possible if enough of us choose to make it so. The CMM Institute is a connector and cultivator of all things to do with the theory and practice of CMM that contributes to making better social worlds. We also realize that the skills for making social worlds are unevenly distributed and that they are often in shortest supply when needed the most. For this reason, our vision is to use CMM and the work of this Institute to promote abilities, skills, and ways of being that enable us all to act compassionately, mindfully, and wisely into the complex world in which we live. As the institutional home and on-going keeper of CMM’s living history, the Institute partners with people, organizations and projects that represent significant, relevant, and applicable ways to institutionalize better patterns of communication. The public benefit 501(c)3 Institute provides:

  • Opportunities for collaboration, research, and teaching
  • Sponsored activities in research, practice, theory development and education
  • Professional development programs for emerging and established CMM practitioners
  • Development and implementation of demonstration projects
  • Worldwide networking and information sharing
  • Fresh insights about CMM’s capacity to overcome contemporary social issues
  • Experimental venues to apply CMM’s principles to society’s toughest challenges
  • Advocacy for the continued improvement of personal and public communication in all walks of life
  • Support for the continued development of CMM as a theory and as a way of being in the world

In all of these efforts, the goal is to shift our taken-for-granted view of communication (as a simple tool for exchanging ideas and information) to a more complex understanding of the creative power of communication. In practical terms, these shifts are facilitated through the use of tools and models inspired by the Coordinated Management of Meaning. The Institute itself represents a diverse community of individuals and groups who engage with, and learn from one another, through a variety of online and in-person forums. Individual scholars and practitioners, educators and thought leaders, and institutional advocates comprise the core of the Institute’s supporters, however, the Institute’s programs and events are open to everyone.

Board of Directors

Barton Buechner, PhD bartonbuechner@gmail.com
Jan Elliott, PhD jan.elliott1@gmail.com
Beth Fisher-Yoshida, PhD fisher.yoshida@gmail.com
Marit Eikaas Haavimb, MABPSS mariteikaashaavimb@gmail.com
Eerika Hedman-Phillips, PhD eerika.hedman@gmail.com
Arthur Jensen, PhD adjensen142@gmail.com
Barbara McKay, D.Psych drbarbaramckay@gmail.com
Sergej van Middendorp, PhD sergej.van.middendorp@milesahead.eu
Kimberly Pearce, MA Co-Founder, President & Treasurer kimpearce@aol.com
Robyn Penman, PhD robyn.penman1@gmail.com
Rik Spann, MA rikspann@gmail.com
Susan Steen, PhD suzysteen@gmail.com
Ilene Wasserman, PhD iwasserman@icwconsulting.com

Latest news about the CMM Institute

Meet Susan Steen: our new board member in 2020

Meet our newest board member: Susan Steen Susan Steen has recently joined the Board of the CMM Institute. She is an Assistant Professor of Cross-Cultural Communication at the Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC) and has written an introduction to herself and how she has found CMM inspiring in her work and life. ... Read More

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