The Cosmopolis 2045 Project is a collaborative thought experiment involving many people and taking place over a number of years. The project was first envisioned by the Board of the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution and has received ongoing support from the CMM Institute, Columbia University, Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts and the Waterhouse Family Institute for the Study of Communication and Society at Villanova University.

The project is a response to the challenge of how do you envision better social worlds, knowing that there is no “best” goal outside of the very process of communicating itself. The first manifestation of our response to the challenge is a website, Cosmopolis 2045, depicting our vision of a community set in the future (circa 2045) in which residents and leaders of the community have adopted a communication-centric view of how their own and other social worlds function. It is our belief, and one that can be substantiated, that this communication-centric view is what we need for the evolution of better social worlds.

In our imagination we have drawn together many of the social change initiatives happening around the world today and woven them within a communication perspective “loom”. And in doing this, we have created new imaginings of what can happen if we treat communicating seriously.

The stories, the new social institutions and the dialogic practices of the citizens and leaders in our imagined community have been developed to point to new ways and new possibilities for personal and social evolution. Given the local and global challenges we all face in the 21st century, we hope our new imaginings offer some hope and some new directions to explore.

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Arthur Jensen

Robyn Penman

Latest news on Cosmopolis

Cultural roots of our political problems

Cultural roots of our political problems David Brooks recently published an opinion piece in which he identified five widespread cultural "lies" that are responsible for our contemporary political problems. His arguments against those lies and his alternative proposals align significantly with our vision for Cosmopolis. ... Read More

Speculating about a social democracy in 2050

Speculating about a social democracy in 2050 In January 2019 John Quiggan wrote an opinion piece in the Guardian about what life could be like after the failure of capitalism in Australia. His observations have relevance beyond Australia and we found many of his ideas compatible with our projections in Cosmopolis.  ... Read More

Cosmopolis opens its doors

Cosmopolis opens its doors! Cosmopolis2045 is now sufficiently evolved to throw open its doors to visitors. The website is up and running and we invite you to come and explore our imagined city of the future.  ... Read More

First trials completed

First trials completed The first trial of Cosmopolis2045 was completed at the end of 2017. Revisions are underway and the public release will happen in 2018. Watch this space! ... Read More

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