New CosmoTweenz resources


The purpose of the activity “Three choices… and then what happens…” is to provide an opportunity for Tweenz (8-11 year-olds) to have brief but meaningful conversations with their peers and in the presence of an adult (i.e., teacher, parent, school counselor, therapist) about challenges they experience but that don’t lend themselves to easy answers. The activity helps Tweenz imagine different social outcomes based on their actions and the possible responses of others.

Tweenz need to exercise their judgement, imagination, and creative/critical thinking skills, understanding that there is always more than one option when faced with a challenging situation. Three Choices is asking Tweenz to imagine three possible and productive options for a given scenario and to sense what will happen next if they choose each of the options. Adults guide the conversation by helping Tweenz imagine the positive possibilities as well as the downsides or trade-offs that might occur and how others might be affected. This helps children imagine how social worlds get made one conversation at a time.

Teachers at a school in Oracle, Arizona are already using this activity set in their after-school club for deliberations—”D’Club”—and finding it a great resource for helping their students to work through difficult social choices.

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