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Learning exchange follow up space

Learning exchange follow up space

We have set up a special project space using Basecamp for all registered participants of the 2020 LE. You can watch recordings of the Learning Exchange and participate in unfolding developments from the LE.

For registrants https://3.basecamp.com/4201158/projects/18785882

To see the videos https://3.basecamp.com/4201158/buckets/18785882/messages/3048056817

IMPORTANT: Use the following passcode to access the videos in Zoom: CMMLE2020!

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Our first virtual LE: captured in words

Our first virtual LE: captured in words

Everyone felt our first virtual Learning Exchange was a great success. Our pictured word art above captures all the words participants used to sum up their experience and our resident muse, Rik Spann, captured the feel of the first day in a poem.

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Many magical moments at the Learning Exchange

Many magical moments at the Learning Exchange Our Learning Exchange this year had the dual theme of Creating Magical Moments and Building Community. We have captured some particularly poignant reflections from participants about the magical moments and the sense of community they experienced. ... Read More

2018 Learning Exchange: less than 7 weeks to go

2018 Learning Exchange: less than 7 weeks to go The special focus of this year's Learning Exchange is on creating communities of practice that help us in being better at what we are and do. We'd love to have you with us as we explore how CMM helps in creating these communities. If you're coming, you need to register soon. ... Read More

2017 CMM Learning Exchange

2017 CMM Learning Exchange: "Minding the Gap – Creating New Space for Coherence" Given the current climate in different contexts and public discourses we are interested in ideas for acknowledging and transforming the patterns of communication in ways that may foster the desire and capacity to build bridges across and within communities. ... Read More

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