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New CosmoTweenz resources

New CosmoTweenz resources We have started developing our CosmoKIdz for Tweenz educational resources. The first activity set to be released is “Three choices…and then what happens”—a resource for helping 8-11 year-olds work through difficult social choices.  ... Read More

CosmoKidz stand in Louisianna

CosmoKidz stand in Louisianna In April, Chipps Taylor and Nicole Wells, a 2nd grade teacher, spent the day at the Capital building in Louisiana to showcase CosmoKidz as part of the Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund. The woman who made the last set of puppets also made the table cloth for us. Big smile!!!  ... Read More

Cosmokidz in Romania—a new and exciting experience

Cosmokidz in Romania—a new and exciting experience CosmoKidz was first introduced in Romania in 2016. Carmen Gabriela Greab and Iuliana Gabriela Georgescu describe this new and exciting experience for them. They have been so inspired by the effect of CosmoKidz, they are now exploring ways of expanding the program. ... Read More

CosmoKidz: Teaching Children Response-Abilities in Their Relationships

CosmoKidz: Teaching Children Response-Abilities in Their Relationships The goals of CosmoKidz are to help children develop skills and abilities that help nurture cosmopolitan ways of being. We have recently concluded a three-year research project with all kindergarten through second-grade classes (ages 4-7) in Oracle, Arizona with results showing that if these skills and abilities are practiced consistently, they become part of a child’s repertoire for acting into his/her social worlds. ... Read More

Camp CosmoKidz: Bigger and better

Camp CosmoKidz: Bigger and better Last year we were excited to tell you about our first ever CosmoKidz Camp. This year we have more good news to report. The Camp has continued and it has become bigger and better with the generous support of the Louisiana Governor's Office. ... Read More

CosmoKidz in Louisiana: An inspiring first year

CosmoKidz in Louisiana: An inspiring first year We have just completed our first year of the CosmoKIdz program in Louisiana and it was truly inspiring. Our research data clearly show that the program is instrumental in cultivating invaluable social skills. ... Read More

Beyond CosmoKidz: We need your help!

Beyond CosmoKidz: We need your help! We created CosmoKidz to help young children develop relational awareness and related skills. We have more than four years’ worth of research to confirm it works. Now we want to go beyond CosmoKidz and we need your help. We invite all forms of collaboration in this new development. ... Read More

CosmoKidz goes to Louisianna

CosmoKidz goes to Louisianna, October 31, 2017 We have sports camps, art camps, scholastic camps, but have you ever heard of a camp that focuses on helping kids develop better communicating skills? Well, this year there was one. We held our first ever Camp CosmoKidz this summer in Louisiana. The camp and its aftermath is such an extraordinary example of how one small thing can be so positively welcomed and then blossom into more, that we wanted to tell you the story. ... Read More

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