The CMMi Press: a new initiative

The CMMi Press will become the publishing arm of the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution. The Institute is committed to making better social worlds through paying particular attention to the quality of the communication patterns in which we participate. The CMMi Press will publish books that promote this approach with the intent of inspiring better communication practices for making social worlds we would all want to live in.

Our first publication will be Making Better Social Worlds: Inspirations from the Theory of the Coordinated Management of Meaning. Robyn Penman and Arthur Jensen have written this book as a companion volume to the Cosmopolis2045 website and it serves as a fitting flagship for our new press promoting the making of better social worlds. The book will be published next month and we will have more information for you then.

We are also planning a second volume on A Cosmopolitan Sensibility.

If you have a publishing idea or a manuscript in preparation that you think will fit the aims of our Press, please contact Robyn Penman , our commissioning editor, at CMMI.penman@gmail.com

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