Stories told and stories to be told:
Going down memory lane and looking ahead to the Learning Exchange September 2021

I was sitting in my office preparing for a group counselling session, knowing that one of the underlying issues were connected to working with loss and grief. Remembering a presentation on the topic at the Mind-the-Gap Learning Exchange in London 2017, I went to CMMi website to search it out and to be inspired. This particular Fellow’s work and presentation was done by the Scottish Systemic Family Therapists Tracey Johnston and Peter Robinson to address the gap in the social world of grief using, amongst other things, the CMM LUUUUTT model about stories lived and stories told. I remembered the presentation to be rich and full of deep knowledge and reflections and wanted to learn more. To my then disappointment, the paper was not available at the time. I am told it soon will be, though, together with all the other Fellows’ papers/presentations. Watch out, lots of interesting topics explored by knowledgeable and interesting people, and lots to be inspired by!

Anyway, feeling a little dismayed, I started browsing the CMMi video section of the page to distract and re-inspire myself (https://cmminstitute.org/videos/ ). For better and for worse, I admit to sometimes falling into the trap of browsing, seemingly without anything particular in mind. Sometimes it’s a complete waste of time. Sometimes it’s a journey into new insights, ideas to ponder on, inspirations to be had, and hence to be shared and built upon. As I was to find out, it was a wonderful journey.

It was ages since I last checked out what was available in terms of CMM video material. Thinking I had watched most of it, I had not bothered going here for a while. Talk about being inspired! The video section is full of a variety of visual and auditive ways of learning more about various aspects of CMM. I sometimes find only reading can be challenging and it makes my head feel too compact and heavy. Watching and listening to people in conversation and/or presenting with their full selves helps me engage more fully with both people, content, and form. The video section contains everything from brief snippets of conversations between Kim and Barnett Pearce on various aspects of practical uses of CMM concepts and tools, to how to use the CosmoKidz activities, presentations from earlier Learning Exchanges, to exploring Communication Complex as an alternative to Communication Simplex, to …so many things. I truly recommend allowing yourself some time to spend finding out for yourself according to what tickles and inspires you!

Another aspect of (re-)visiting some of the videos may be that what you noticed in an earlier viewing, or thought you already knew, may be expanded by you noticing something different this time—because you are different now. As watching and listening will help you in becoming different again in a direction that support you in what you aim and long to bring to this world. I am talking about you… At least, this is what happens for me.

I was also struck by the two quite different versions of presenting the story of CMM offered by Kim Pearce at two different Learning Exchanges. Where does a story start? Which stories are lived? Which stories are told? Which stories remain un-told or hidden? What makes for choosing one story above another? Is it necessary to choose? A reminder that no matter what, there is always, ALWAYS, more to be told; more aspects to be explored and shared, more to help us realise how little we really know, and to stay humble as we are facing ourselves and each other.

Kim Pearce is presenting again at the upcoming Learning Exchange in September. This time focusing on the third leg of CMM, the Mystery aspect. (The two other ones being Co-ordination and Coherence.) Mystery with a big “M” and mystery with a small “m”. Early in the context of CMM named “Wonder”. I believe it evolved into “Mmystery” as Barnett and Kim Pearce were living into the big and small “Mm”-mystery of life and death. Make a note of the dates, 23-25th September: “Making better worlds for the 21st Century; Legacies and Expanding Horizons”. With you joining, the stories to be told will become even richer and more nuanced for it. You are so very welcome!

Which brings me right back—or forward!—to the starting point of (for me) sharing an exploration, a learning experience, and a wish to create curiosity around all the wonderfully rich and complex and varied stuff hiding behind different headings and sections at the CMMI web-site.

AND I know all the Fellows’ papers and presentations will be appearing on the website soon. We’ll let you know when this happens and then please visit. It will be another rich sea of great nutrition to be strengthened by. Have a dive. Have a sip. Have another great source of expanding horizons. Enjoy!

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