Reflecting on our year

Dear friends,

Nine years ago, Barnett Pearce saw one of his visions come to fruition. The vision was to create a “home” for the continued development of CMM and for people interested in learning and growing together on behalf of “expanding our horizons” and making better social worlds. His vision also included the broader CMM community developing and using CMM in ways that, at the time, he couldn’t imagine. The CMM Institute is the embodiment of these visions. The contexts in which CMM is used is inspiring and broad. You can see this in the list of articles and publications on our website https://cmminstitute.org/papers-and-books/. If any of you have work, or a new context, you would like to add to this list, please contact sergej.van.middendorp@milesahead.eu

Barnett also used the end of every year to reflect on his personal life and the state of affairs around the world. Those of us on the Board of the CMM Institute have continued the tradition of reflecting on our social and environmental worlds and charting a course that speaks into the challenges and opportunities we face. We feel excited about how we have responded to significant social challenges this year and are hopeful that we will continue to make practical contributions to bettering our social worlds next year.

We continue the development of the Cosmopolis project—our thought experiment about a community in the near future that has taken seriously “communication as making”. Our vision is depicted in www.cosmopolis2045.com and the recently published book, Making Better Social Worlds (https://cmminstitute.org/making-better-social-worlds/), elaborates on the conceptual framework underlying the vision. If you’d like to discuss the project or the book you can contact robynpenman1@gmail.com or adjensen@gmail.com.

We are expanding activities for children to help them learn to be competent moral agents of their social worlds. Our original CosmoKidz resource kits is now in six languages and its world-wide spread continues. We have also developed two different resource kits for CosmoTweenz (8 to 11 year olds): Three choices … and then what happens…, along with a significant Environmental Awareness and Action Kit. If you would like to know more about these developments or be involved, please contact kim.pearce@aol.com or mariteikaashaavimb@gmail.com .

We are continuing with our activities for enabling communities using CMM. For some time now, the ideas of CMM have been developed for working with veterans and veterans’ groups throughout the U.S. and our latest offering can be found in this newsletter. For more on these developments contact bartonbuechner@gmail.com. In a different, but equally significant vein, Beth Fisher-Yoshida is working with an arts-based community group in Medellín, Colombia teaching them participatory action research methods using CMM in order to research “What does human security mean to you?” For more on this contact fisher.yoshida@gmail.com .

Additionally, we continue to expand the “language” of CMM through metaphor and improvisation and have been finding our extensions into the musical world of jazz and improvisation to be very fruitful. For more on this contact rikspann@gmail.com or sergej.van.middendorp@milesahead.eu. And we have just launched our own CMMi press. As mentioned above, we have recently published our first book under the CMMi press imprimatur and we are actively working on further manuscripts. If you have an idea for a manuscript please contact robynpenman1@gmail.com .

Finally, we are partnering with the Institute for Global Integral Competence on a Conference.Lab at the end of March, 2020 on Global Social Witnessing (see www.cmminstitute.org for more information and registration details). In early 2020, we will announce our Call for the 2020-2021 Fellows as well as other opportunities that we hope you will find useful and inspiring.

As always, we invite you to help shape the direction of the CMM Institute through your participation, your passions, and your vision. Please contact the specific people mentioned above, or leave a note to open a conversation about ways in which you’d like to help shape the direction of the institute by responding in the comment section below.

Wherever you are on the planet, we wish you a meaningful holiday season. And, may 2020 expand all our horizons in ways that help us, individually and collectively, to make better social and environmental worlds.

The Board of the CMM Institute

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