Meet the new CMMI Fellows for 2018

Adrian Wagner

Fellowship Project:
Collective Trauma Integration in the Light of the current US Crisis:
Establishing Global Action Networks of Meaning-Making

Adrian Wagner has been consulting and facilitating workshops for international organizations such as the Red Cross, Caritas, Foreign Ministry of Germany, Goethe Institute and UNAOC and the European Commission. His interest in the MENA-region is based on his work and travel experience in Israel, Palestine, and Egypt. As a trained expert of Dr. Clare Graves emergent, cyclical, double-helix model of adult human bio-psycho-social systems development he was engaged in several initiatives such as Reinventing Brussels—a project started after the 2016 terror attack to envision a more inclusive and sustainable city. Lately, he has been working as a researcher on global governance innovation and citizen participation with the Global Cooperative Trust. Adrian Wagner is part of the Institute for Global Integral Competence and studied Public Policy at the Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance in Berlin and has trained as a mediator at the Humboldt Law faculty. Currently, he is working on his dissertation, analyzing collective trauma integration in the context of the transformation towards sustainability. He likes to dance Tango Argentino, cooking and Aikido.

Lukas Herrmann

Fellowship Project: Global Social Witnessing: An awareness-based practice for cosmopolitan co-creativity through transcendence of polarized narratives

Lukas Herrmann is an action researcher and PhD student with Witten/Herdecke University, Germany. His research focuses on uncovering cultural trauma patterns and facilitating generative social fields through embodied systems sensing practices. At the Max-Planck-Institute for Social Neuroscience, Lukas investigated the contemplative training of perspective-taking and empathy. As a systemic counselor and trainer, he works with schools to shift education to a deeper, generative level.

For more information on the Fellows  iwasserman@icwconsulting.com

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