First trials completed

By the end of 2017, we finally decided that the imagined city of Cosmopolis had grown to the point where it was ready for public scrutiny—rather limited scrutiny but enough to tell us we have a viable site.

In our beta version, we have developed characters who tell their stories about how Cosmopolis evolved. Justine Jones gives us a sweeping overview of the changes that take place over three decades, capturing the key challenges, tensions and achievements of a cosmopolitan city in the making. Judge Anna Day talks about how the justice system evolved to truly serve the community. Principal Ruth Rodriguez talks about how they stopped trying to teach ideas as if they were bricks and turned the idea of education around to creating a learning culture. Matthew Donnelly lays out the pathway the community took to develop a sustainable food system. And Barbara Fletcher describes the evolution of a collaborative governance system moving, as she put it, from occasional moments of clarity to extended moments of chaos. All of these stories serve as excellent case study material for how good things can be brought into being.

We also have a detailed description of how the city functions collaboratively in 2045. You can read about the different, and many, ways the citizens of Cosmopolis are involved in the functioning of local government through their civic conversation network and in their re-envisioned Hall of Democracy. Citizen involvement and local government support also led to radical changes in the education and justice system in Cosmopolis, along with innovative changes in other civic services and community enterprises. All these services are supplemented by a number of community enterprises that are still evolving as we write—and will continue to do so as new ideas and possibilities emerge.

Finally, for those interested in knowing more about CMM and other theories and practices that have informed life in mid-century Cosmopolis, we have a section entitled “Want to Know More?”. This includes extensive reference materials as well as an account of the inspiration for creating Cosmopolis in the first place. In all, this section offer a wealth of useful teaching materials.

We are currently following through on suggestions by our reviewers as well as developing an interactive component to the site. Our plan is to refine the website sufficiently over the next few months to have it ready for our community to use this year.

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