CMM Learning Exchange 2017: Reflection from AC4 Fellow, Laura Peters

Attending the Learning Exchange (LE) was a completely wonderful and somewhat unexpected experience. As a PhD student, I attend a variety of academic conferences and workshops and present my research and work frequently. However, the environment at the LE was wholly unique from other experiences I have had. It is rare to find a group of practitioners and researchers who are united by a common vision, both professionally and deeply personally. The sincerity, inclusivity, and enthusiasm of the group at the LE was striking, and the venue was intimate. As I sought to learn more about CMM, other presenters and attendees were eager to share their knowledge and experiences. As a presenter, the group gifted me with their undivided attention, thoughtful questions, and constructive comments. I exchanged contact information with several other attendees of the LE, including the two other AC4 fellows, and plan to stay in touch.

I have long been seeking such a community of both research and practice, which is invaluable to me as I pursue my personal and career interests in post-conflict peacebuilding and disaster recovery. The experience at the LE was invigorating, and the exposure to new and diverse perspectives has newly inspired me to continue in my work as a researcher and practitioner.

Thank you again to AC4 for making this experience possible for me!

Reposted with permission from the Advanced Consortium on Coooperation, Conflict, and Complexity.

Author: Laura E. R. Peters is a doctoral student at Oregon State University in Geography, with focus on post-conflict peacebuilding and post-disaster recovery. At the 2018 CMM LE, she presented on her research in Nepal, which incorporated CMM models as a way to understand disparate views of transformation.

For more information about the 2017 CMM Learning Exchange and the fellowship recipients there, read here.

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