2017 CMM Learning Exchange

This year’s Learning Exchange is a joint creation by the CMM Institute and the Institute of Family Therapy (http://www.ift.org.uk/) and will be held at the premises of the Institute of Family Therapy in London.

The program for this year is being co-constructed under the theme “Minding the Gap – Creating New Space for Coherence”. Given the current climate in different contexts and public discourses we are interested in ideas for acknowledging and transforming the patterns of communication in ways that may foster the desire and capacity to build bridges across and within communities, families, institutions, organisations and our global communication networks.

The CMM fellows for this year’s LE will be talking abut the theme in two quite different, but very significant, ways:

  • Don Waisanen, a professor of Communication at CUNY
    “Improv for democracy: How to develop the communication, leadership and civic skills our world needs”
  • Tracey Jane Johnston & Peter Robinson, family therapists, Scotland
    “Continuing bonds and re-connecting identities as resources for living and enduring legacies within families and communities”

We also have other keynote speakers and special sessions:

  • John Burnham: The levels are not fixed in name or number: the use of CMM hierarchy model
  • Yasmin Alibhai Brown: Mind the gap: The contradictory realities of the inner and relational lives of troubled young Muslims.
  • AC4 Fellows: “Stories to Bridge Divides”:  AC4 Fellows’ Presentations and Panel Discussion

And we have a number of dedicated workshop sessions that include:

  • Alastair Pearson: CMM and the art of spiritual bridge building
  • John Burnham: The levels are not fixed in name or number: a practice application.
  • Jukka-Pekka Heikkila, Humap Consultation Ltd:  Practices to use art and digital solutions in organisational consultation
  • Kim Pearce, Marit Haavimb & Pastor Chipps Taylor:  Minding the gap using cosmoKidz:  Teaching young children relational response-abilities about their social worlds
  • Kazuma Matoba: Theoretical foundations on cosmopolitan communication: Integrated model of science and mysticism

It’s not too late to register for the Learning Exchange and you can do so directly through

If you’d like further information please contact eerika.hedman@gmail.com

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