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Van Middendorp, S., Habib, L., Hartkamp, A. D., Mesquita da Silva, F., & Steier, F. (2021). Collaborative support networks for sustainability leadership. In Leadership in Sustainability: Perspectives on Research, Policy, and Practice (pp. 290–316). Fielding University Press.

This chapter, co-authored by CMM Institute board member Sergej van Middendorp, addresses how collaborative support networks can help address issues of sustainability leadership in a variety of contexts. it introduces collaborative support network theories, methods and practices and shares examples from the practice of the authors, including a merger between two Norwegian academic institutions with the aim of becoming a professional university, a project to develop a method for systemic workplace innovation in the Dutch horticultural sector that employees use to design and implement solutions themselves, and a project that brought thousands of children, parents, and teachers from hundreds of schools in Brazil together to explore peace through a dialogical process.

The chapter is part of an edited book with chapters that focus on the reciprocal relationship between leadership and sustainability in a turbulent world. It hopes to make the reader aware of how effective sustainable practices depend on leadership in a variety of ways. One key to its success is to understand how a system – whether in a community, an organization, an eco-system, or even a nation – can manage the delicate balance between social stability and change.

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