Moral injury webinar March 31, 6 to 8pm EST (USA)

A communication perspective on Moral injury: Moral foundations, moral conflict, family systems, and interpersonal neurobiology

Moral Injury is increasingly understood within the military and veterans’ community as a disruption of deeply-held meaning systems, caused by experiences of often unintended commission or failures to prevent harm, and/or perceived betrayal of “what’s right” by authority figures. Such episodes are currently recognized as having personal mental health consequences for those who directly experience them, but also create second-order effects on families and communities and ultimately, have further implications at the societal level. More than a purely psychological disturbance, moral injury is a part of a complex systemic phenomenon that impacts identity, belonging, culture and meaning and has influence on social/political discourse, and military/civilian dialogue. As another way of stating this, the way we communicate about moral Injury as experienced by military and veterans has wide-ranging social significance, and as such may affect the personal and social evolution of all of us.

The Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) Theory offers a range of conceptual models and heuristics that offer insights into conflict among competing and conflicting moral frameworks, as they are enacted in episodes of experience through communicative patterns. In this workshop, we take a three-level approach to apply CMM principles and heuristic models in conjunction with the literatures of moral foundations theory, including moral conflict and conflict resolution; family systems and therapy, and interpersonal neurobiology.

Presenters and discussants

  • Barton Buechner, PhD, CAPT, USN, Professor, Adler University Military
    Psychology Program
  • Vernon Cronen, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Co-Founder (with W. Barnett Pearce) of CMM theory
  • Arthur Jensen, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Syracuse University
  • Beth Fisher-Yoshida, PhD, Professor, Columbia University (AC4)
  • Suzy Steen, PhD, Faculty, Air Force Cultural and Language Center
  • Rik Spann, MA, Kind of Blue Consulting, Netherlands
  • Sergej Van Middendorp, PhD, Miles Ahead Consulting, Netherlands


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