Meet Rik Spann: one of our new board members

Rik joined us an advisor to the board last year and this year he has become a full member. Here Rik introduces himself by way of a short biographical note around the theme of “And jam, of course”.

‘And jam, of course’.

My name is Rik Spann. I am a musicologist, living in Amsterdam. I have two beautiful sons. They have two beautiful mothers. We live at different places, and we have a lot of fun together. I’m quite a happy guy.

I studied musicology, developmental psychology and general linguistics at the University of Nijmegen (the Netherlands). After that I worked professionally in several contexts of the worlds of art, music, journalism, dance, theatre, film and education. At Popschool Amsterdam I worked as a teacher in guitar, band coaching and composition & arrangement. I’m now working as an ’applied musicologist’, offering my experiences, expertise and programs in organizational and educational settings where my work is seen as making a contribution.

I hear music everywhere: it is about the harmonies, melodies, grooves and sounds that connect us all. I work as a consultant and organizational scientist. My practical work is around Miles Ahead Business Jazz (with Sergej van Middendorp, on consultancy around communication, improvisation and design from the jazz perspective), at De Goudse School  (I have the honor to be a co-founder of this platform around organizational issues at the crossroads of technology, spirituality, science and art), and in my work from Jamtime Consultancy and Giant Steps Leadership Jazz (contexts that allow me to share knowledge and inspiration by Keynote lectures and workshops on topics addressing leadership, innovation, social creativity, improvisation, the jazz metaphor, cosmopolitan communication and human and organizational development). I mainly work for corporations and organizations in healthcare, education and other non-profits.

My sessions always contain live played metaphors and stories (mainly on guitar) from jazz, rock, soul, funk, blues and other music styles. With all this, I truly enjoy contributing to the great work of the CMM Institute, IFGIC, the Taos Institute and other collectives of great people caring about the world we live in.

My publications are mainly in Dutch. They are on topics like musicology, art, history of jazz and pop music, team dynamics, improvisation, integrity, quality, ‘the human factor in the digital transformation’ and generative metaphors in communication processes. Some are under re-evaluation and in translation into English.

My passion for CMM comes from my deeper passion for those perspectives that collectively jam together towards that groove that creates better social worlds. CMM, meaning Coordinated Management of Meaning but also meaning Creating Magic Moments, or whatever personal variation you might like to bring to the jam, simply sounds good. And it sounds so good that it needs to be explored, embellished, brought to the stage and played for an audience that, after the concert, goes home with new inspirations for, again, collectively creating better social worlds. Jamming on a quote from the movie August Rush: The music is all around us. All we have to do is listen. 

And jam, of course.

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