Cosmopolis opens its doors!

Cosmopolis2045 is now sufficiently evolved to throw open its doors to visitors. The website is up and running and we invite you to come and explore our imagined city of the future.
The Cosmopolis 2045 project has evolved over many years, involving an extraordinary range of collaborators. Throughout the project we have been exploring innovative ideas for creating better social worlds and have incorporated them into an imagined community to demonstrate how such better social worlds are possible.

The citizens of our imagined future world of Cosmopolis have adopted a communication-centric view of their city and community functioning and the website of Cosmopolis2045 shows how this plays out in everyday life. On the website you can read personal stories written by citizens of the city; descriptions of new ways of city functioning and community celebrating; and find an extensive collection of resources and other inspirational material.

We invite you to explore our imagined city of the near future, showing a better social world.

We’d also love to hear back from you about your experiences on the website and welcome suggestions for improvement.

Arthur Jensen     adjensen141@gmail.com

Robyn Penman   robyn.penman@clearmail.com.au


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