CosmoKidz in Romania: Small steps, large impact

We are just about to make CosmoKidz digitally available for public use in Romania! This is due to two amazing Romanian women, teachers and researchers, who brought a kit of CosmoKidz back to Romania after attending a Multinational Workshop Week at Kettering Foundation in the spring of 2015. A million thanks to Iulia Georgescu and Carmen Greab who today, in addition to working with teachers and using CosmoKidz, are responsible for doing the translation work into Romanian.

Building democracy and infusing societies with democratic values are never more urgent and important than now. This may sound big. It can start small! Listen to the story of Iulia talking about how she came to share CosmoKidz with others once back in Romania:

After meeting and discussing with Kim (Pearce) at the conference, I received my own copy of the kit and brought it home with me. Alesia, my then four-year-old daughter, developed an interest in it. Because it is so full of colours, so attractive for young kids, and because the images are such a clear illustration of the everyday life of 5 years old, my daughter immediately thought this was a new game I brought for her from the U.S. So, every day she browsed through it, looked at the pictures, and started to explain to me and my husband what she sees in those pictures: who is happy, who is not and why, what she believed different characters were telling each other and even what she herself would have said in a particular situation.

“One day she asked if she could take some of the cards to her kindergarten, because she wanted her friends there to see them and play with them, and she also wanted her teacher to have a look. This was just the beginning and created the opportunity to approach the kindergarten principal very easy for me. And later, as she got older, her school.”

Democracy and better social worlds sound like big things. It happens with small step, in small acts during the day, made by every single one of us. Or it does not happen because we ignore how much impact our actions have. It may be hard to believe, but small events CAN serve as catalysts that create something much larger. And Carmen, Iulia and Alesia are great examples of just that. Who knows what would happen if many more of us actually did what Alesia did and let CosmoKidz show us the way?

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