2018 Learning Exchange: less than 7 weeks to go

The special focus of this year’s Learning Exchange is on creating communities of practice that help us in being better at what we are and do. We’d love to have you with us as we explore how CMM helps in creating these communities. If you’re coming, you need to register soon.
For us, all of you receiving our newsletter and reading about the Learning Exchange on our website are part of our broad CMM community. Because we share an interest in CMM, we use CMM, or we simply want to know more about CMM, we have something in common: a domain of knowledge. But we need to have more, and do more, than this if we want to be a community of practice. We also need to care about this area of knowledge, to value it for good reasons, and we need to share a set of practices that we develop collectively to be effective in our area of knowledge.

We actually have to put effort into building a community of practice around the subject we care about, if we are to maximize the potential for learning and creativity. This year’s Learning Exchange is about putting in the effort. It’s about exploring and experiencing ways of working together that bring about really productive learning contexts.

This year’s Learning Exchange is also about exploring and experiencing how our understandings of our special domain of interest, CMM theory and a communication perspective, can be used to create great communities of practice. It’s such a special challenge and we anticipate it will have very special rewards for all of us there. And, if we do it well, we also anticipate creating many magical moments for us all.

Looking forward to you being with us from
Friday 26 October, 5pm to Sunday 28 October, 3pm

Saddlebrooke Ranch,
The New Clubhouse and Restaurant
1143 S. Amenity Drive Oracle, AZ 85623

The “More Information” and “To Register button” are above this post on the CMMI Learning Exchanges page.

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