We have a Substack!


The CMM Institute now has a Substack! Our Substack (which can be found here) is the home for all CMMi created resources, including the podcast, infographics, videos, books, publications, and more. We also hope for this to be an online space for our community to engage in dialogue, share stories, and connect around CMM and how each of us are using it in our work, research, studies, and lives. We invite each of you to reflect on what CMM means to you and respond to the prompt here. This space is open to all, so please feel free to invite others to participate as well. We envision the resources offered here to be used for educational purposes by those in our community who teach, for practical purposes for those who consult or use CMMish principles in therapy settings, and used in accessible ways for those who are working on embodying a communication perspective in our everyday lives.

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