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Musing between the spaces

Musing between the spaces Rik Spann uses music as a frame for understanding all manner of things. Here he offers some of his recent musings, provoked by the impact of the pandemic, on being, playing and talking in the spaces.  ... Read More

2011-2012 CMM Global Survey Results

We are pleased to present the results of the inaugural survey on CMM research and practice. The Global Survey Project was sponsored by the CMM Institute for Personal & Social Evolution whose mission is to preserve, cultivate, and promote worldwide work based on the theory and practice of CMM, the Coordinated Management of Meaning.  ... Read More

2011 Global Ethics Case Competition

The Fox School of Business and Management (FSBM) hosted the 2011 Global Ethics Case Competition. It was held in memory of Dr. W. Barnett Pearce on November 17, 2011 at Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the spirit of Dr. Pearce’s seminal work, a new generation of future leaders has the benefit of CMM experiences in a business school environment. ... Read More

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