Making CosmoKidz history in Louisiana

The CosmoKidz program at the Independence Leadership Academy in Louisiana is making news. We were recently sent a newspaper clipping of developments under the header of “Cosmic Character” and have reproduced the photos and text to share, with permission, with all of you.

Cosmic Character

As part of social-emotional learning at Independence Leadership Academy, students participate in CosmoKidz daily lessons. CosmoKidz is a character development  program that focuses on everyday differences between people that can be a startling place for deeper understanding, trust and respect. The recognized students exhibit CosmoKidz characteristics of empathy, respect, self-regulation, positivity, creativity and communicate in ways that help make better relationships at school and home.

Ka’leigh Drummond with Veronica Richardson, Disciplinarian and Math Content Leader and Principal Lisa Matherne.

Pictured are second-graders Dylan Alvarez-Mendoza, Melanie Carrion, Ella Robinson, and Evelyn Bridges, who exhibit CosmoKidz character traits daily in Mrs. Amanda Lindsey’s class.

Pre-K students in Mrs. Madison Liggio’s class, Ma’llya Bellazen, Melanie Martinez, Reagan Brown, and Bracen Miller are recognized as CosmoKidz at ILA.

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