Highlights and replays of the 2021 Joint Conference

Context, the Magazine for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice in the UK (Vol. 179, February 2022) celebrates the highlights of the 2021 joint conference held with the AFT, the CMM institute and Friends of KCC. The theme of the conference was Making better social worlds for the 21st century: Legacies and expanding horizons and the presentations offered showed just what the systemic approach developed by the Kensington Consulting Centre and the CMM approach that was deeply embedded in the training could do towards making better social worlds.

The pdf of this issue can be read here.

The speakers at the conference have also agreed to share their slides/paper with CMM institute community members, as well as AFT and FKCC members. Please note that sharing outside of these groups is a breach of copyright. Just select the presentation(s) you’d like to read below.


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