Focus Book Series

As interest in learning about the many applications of CMM has increased, the desire and need for a simpler introduction to CMM has become more evident. This book series is a response to that need.

One of the reasons for the increasing attention to CMM is that addresses the quality of the lived conditions of contemporary life. CMM theory and practice guides the creation of making “better social worlds”:  that is, multi-perspective and collaborative ways of knowing and acting that enable new, generative possibilities for all of our complex social challenges.

The practical examples in this book series will demonstrate how CMM has already been applied and can continue to be used to help build capacity in others and make better social worlds. And the voices of the authors in this book series will often be deeply personal. Just as CMM is a practice that provides resources for relationships from the most intimate to addressing the most complex global questions, its practitioners find themselves personally transformed in their interaction with and interpretation of their social worlds. The topics of this book series will exemplify the profoundly reflexive ways in which CMM practitioners engage with the worlds they hope to influence and change.

For more information, contact:

Ilene Wasserman at iwasserman@icwconsuting.com

Beth Fisher-Yoshida at fisher.yoshida@gmail.com

Focus Books published

Communicating Possibilites: A Brief Introduction to the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM)

The Coordinated Management of Meaning: A Research Manual




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