CosmoTeenz Fellows: Call for proposals

The goal of our CosmoTeenz program is to enrich young peoples’ lives, create improved futures for the planet, and to help make better social worlds wherever we are at, whether school, work, or socially—any place where people meet, interact, and communicate. This includes communicating about difficult issues, such as exclusion, diversity, differences, mental health, sexual orientation, grief, and more. It means helping us to talk, live, and work well together, despite our differences.

The idea is that fellows will be using their imagination and talents and “co-creating” something to help people their own age deal with challenges they have told us are important.



What is a CosmoTeenz Fellowship?

A fellowship is a short-term opportunity for professional development with an attached monetary reward offered by an organization that is interested in developing leadership in their field. A fellowship is an academic achievement and a personal honor and will show up favorably on your resume as you move further into your student and working life. This particular fellowship cultivates your creativity and team-building skills as you work with a peer group to design products, projects, and activities that enhance interpersonal skills for teens-young adults.

The Program

    • Comes with a US $500 personal grant
    • Includes training in communication skills developed by the CMM Institute
    • Provides support from a group of dedicated and experienced mentors from the CMM Institute, who will guide the process and offer practical and theoretical advice
    • Allows fellows to work with other teens or young adults from a variety of backgrounds on co-creating helpful tools for their own age-group. These tools can be anything the group finds helpful: games, activities, videos, visual images, stories, etc. that will support our overall goal. A budget of up to U.S. $15000 is provided for the peer group toward this end.
    • Build tools that will be added to the CosmoKidz (https://cosmokidz.org/ ) educational line of products and activities that are currently being used around the world. The creation(s) will be presented to a large and diverse audience.

Benefits of the Program

    • Gain new fellowship colleagues and new friends.
    • Creative and positive ideas will make a difference in the world.
    • Learn how to engage in a process from idea-generation to a final product stage.
    • Learn how to team build and co-manage ways of getting your finished products out into the world.
    • Have one year, at a schedule to be worked out with your peer group, for the fellowship. We know that you have busy lives already, so the fellowship is created with your schedules in mind!
    • Experience the joy of building together and having fun!

Expectations for the Fellowship

Fellows will work together as a group for the duration of their Fellowship using Zoom and other online platforms to stay in touch and to work across time zone differences.







The group is tasked with developing products, activities, projects, games, apps (they get to choose) that they think will enhance the lives of teens. The CMM Institute has surveyed teens from around the world to understand their worries, concerns, hopes, and dreams. These survey results will be given to the fellows as a starting place for your work together.

Fellows will be in mentoring relationships with members of the CMM Institute throughout the year, as they work on developing their final product(s). In conversation with CMM mentors, the group of Fellows will decide how often they will meet and how best to structure their meetings and work together.

The group has up to $15,000 USD (in consultation with the CMM Institute) to put towards whatever they develop.

The Fellows ‘group will have one year to work on this: June 2022-June 2023

How to apply

Please let us know:

1) Who you are (help us get to know you!)

2) What are some of the most important issues and concerns in your (and your peers’) lives right now?

3) Why do you want to do this fellowship?

You can present this application in a written document (no more than one page), an audio piece or soundtrack with, if so desired, photos/collages, through poetry, a rap, a brief video, or any other way you feel represents you best (max. 5 minutes).

Applications should be sent to: teenfellows@cosmokidz.org

The deadline for the applications is April 15.  The Fellows will be announced by May 20. The first introductory meet and greet of the Fellows cohort will occur in June.






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