CosmoParents: Have you a story to share?


Our CosmoParents project is starting to take shape and we want to ask you to be a part of it! CosmoParents will cover 12 Universal Themes, each offering practices, reflection questions, and conversational prompts relevant to parents. As part of each theme, we hope to share stories from parents about their own experiences; what they have learned; times they struggled; times they were proud, embodied, or aligned; and anything else that might be meaningful for other parents to hear. If you are interested in sharing your parenting story via CosmoParents, you can record a short audio file (1-3 minutes) and email it to The 12 Universal Themes and their corresponding generalizations are below. Please take time to review them and reflect on the presence of each in your experience as a parent.

  1. Stories
    1. Stories are how we make meaning
    2. There are many kinds of stories that shape us, both told and untold
  2. Patterns
    1. Patterns can be broken and repeated
    2. Patterns allow for predictions
  3. Adaptation
    1. Adaptation can be planned or spontaneous
    2. Adaptation can be positive or negative
  4. Relationships
    1. Relationships are co-created by the participants
    2. Everything is related in some way
  5. Forces
    1. Logical Forces are strongly felt senses of direction that compel our actions
    2. External and internal forces can lead to positive or negative impact
  6. Conflict
    1. Conflict may allow for synthesis and change
    2. Conflict can be constructive or destructive
  7. Power
    1. Power is the ability to influence
    2. Power can take many forms
  8. Systems
    1. Systems are interdependent on one another
    2. Systems have parts that complete tasks
  9. Communities
    1. Communities offer support, resources, and connection
    2. Communities vary in size and can change over time
  10. Order and Chaos
    1. Order and Chaos are reciprocals
    2. Order and Chaos can be natural or constructed
  11. Perspectives
    1. There are infinite perspectives to be taken
    2. Multiple perspectives can co-exist
  12. Change
    1. Change is necessary for growth
    2. Change is inevitable



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