Congratulations to our 2020 CMMi fellows

Our theme of “going beyond polarized narratives” attracted a number of timely proposals this year. It was hard to choose from such an exciting array and, in the end, we selected 11 new CMMi Fellows for 2020.

This year’s Call for Fellows’ Proposals brought in a record number of concepts with great potential to further the use of CMM in addressing polarized narratives. The reviewers were particularly impressed with the diversity of thought and potential application of CMM in a wide-ranging array of contemporary applications. Given that we will not be meeting in person this year in our typical Learning Exchange (LE) format, we anticipate working with this year’s Fellows in a collaborative cohort, and together will co-construct a way to engage the broader CMM community with these inspired works as they unfold.

Our exciting group of new CMMi Fellows and their projects are:


  • Preparation for running a CosmoKidz-related workshop for Afghan adolescents
    Hossein Kavianni, Clinical Psychologist, London
  • Motivated peace: From polarized narratives to sincere communication
    Monique Nero, Doctoral Student, University of Virgin Islands
  • Understanding how to improve and sustain international peace agreements: By analyzing the negotiation discourse in the Kashmir and Colombia conflicts
    Nicole Drepaul, Student, AC4 Columbia University, NY
  • Educators who SOAR
    Amy McDonald & Katrina Telles, Teachers, Tucson, AZ
  • Breaking down barriers: An inter-generational visual and cultural dialogue (between child and man) through a community-based theatre and performative art approach making a better social world
    Hanna Quadir, Student, AC4 Columbia University, NY
  • Intentional flow: Practicing cosmopolitan communication in challenging circumstances
    Ralph Banks, San Diego
  • Stories of Cosmopolis: Elder journeys, what we can learn
    Theresa Southam, Grad student & Pearce Scholarship holder, Fielding Graduate University
  • Choosing to wear a mask or not to wear a mask in the COVID-19 pandemic: Exploring stories of incommensurate health beliefs and worldviews from a communication perspective.

    Rodger Johnson, Doctoral Student, Indianapolis University

  • The Communication Dojo in Cosmopolis: Course curriculum
    Sarah Bunting, Student, Goddard College & Ayurveda practitioner
  • Moving beyond polarized narratives through mutual aid in the time of COVID-19

    Matthew Taylor

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