Call for Proposals
CMM Institute Fellows for 2024

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The CMM Institute has a history of partnering with scholar-practitioners to further explore the ways that the social construction paradigm along with a communication perspective (in general) and the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) theory (specifically) may continue to play an expanding role in “making better social worlds.” For 2024, we envision the continuance of the Fellows’ program with an open invitation for proposals that further increase the scope and range of the ways that CMM is applied as a “practical theory” to lead social innovation and break down barriers to change.

To this end, we are open to considering applications reflecting a wide range of social phenomena that can be seen as being made in communication, and exploring the intersectionality with CMM and other conceptual frameworks as part of re-imagining the way we live and work in communication.

Recognition and support

The CMM Institute will provide support and exposure for those selected as 2024 CMMI Fellows through opportunities to present and discuss their work with the CMM community along with a monetary award to be presented at the time of final report presentation. We anticipate that the presentation will be accomplished through a hosted webinar during the Fellow’s year, and possibly other forms, as may be co-constructed between Fellows and the Institute.

Applicants whose proposals are not accepted for the 2024 Fellows’ year will receive detailed and constructive feedback for future development of their ideas.

2024 Fellows will be introduced to the CMM community and their work featured in public media, which may include the CMMI newsletter, podcasts, and the CMM Institute website. Fellows will also be invited to engage in a peer mentoring program during their Fellowship year, which may include periodic online or phone conversations with CMM Institute Board Members, past and current CMMI Fellows, and collaborative connections with others in the extended CMM community with related interests.

Following the presentation of projects, Fellows will receive an award check for $1,000. Other financial support for the execution of Fellows’ projects may be considered if they are presented in the Fellow’s application and approved by the CMMI Board.

For more detail on prior CMMI Fellows and their projects, view the Fellows’ section on the CMM Institute website: https://cmminstitute.org/cmmi-fellows-blog/

Process and timeline

Please submit your application not later than 2400 (midnight) US Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, December 10th, 2023.

The CMM Institute Board will review and make the selection of the 2024 Fellows based on a blind review of applications received.

Notifications of acceptance, or constructive feedback on proposals not accepted for fellowships this year, can be expected in mid to late January, 2024.

Application process

To apply for a 2024 CMMI Fellowship, please complete the following steps:

Prepare an application consisting of a proposal and a cover letter, using the application form provided . The proposal should not include your identifying information.

In your proposal, please be specific about how you will be applying CMM concepts in your project or paper. If your project will involve research or data-gathering, please describe your method and the conceptual framework for the study.

Complete the form, attach your proposal as a supporting document, and upload the completed application package to CMMI using the interface provided: Application Form

More about the CMM theory and perspective

CMM theory relies on a communication perspective to make sense of how we make our social worlds together in communication. The way we look at communication, and what we are making together in our patterns of communication, helps us to consider better ways of being, and of being together. We expect this communication perspective to provide a guiding meta-framework for the Fellows’ works.

The Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) offers a body of practical theory and a palette of conceptual and practical models and tools that allow us to see how our social worlds and identities are made in patterns of communication, and visualize other possibilities for constructing better social worlds. Using these models and tools, we can appreciate how the stories we tell about the pressing social issues we face, and those involved in them, become embodied in ourselves and in our social institutions.

The CMM Institute offers a range of learning resources to engage with CMM and a community of scholars and practitioners who use it. We expect applicants to make use of these resources.

Learn more about CMM theory and resources at: https://cmminstitute.org/publications/

For more information about the CMM Institute, contact Kim Pearce at kimpearce@aol.com.

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