A Call to Cosmopolitan Communication:

A Narrative of Richness and Mystery

We are witnessing the emergence of a new form of communication.

One with the potential to overcome the political polarization dominating our social landscape in recent decades. Cosmopolitan communication is one way of naming this emerging form and the promise it holds. In A Call to Cosmopolitan Communication, Arthur Jensen explores the dimensions, skillsets, and transforming potential of this new form, contrasting it with the all-too-familiar patterns of communication we experience as ethnocentric and modernistic tendencies.

Drawing on Pearce and Cronen’s enduring practical theory, the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM), Jensen focuses on the concept of mystery and our ability to co-produce narratives of richness that embrace our differences instead of simply assimilating, tolerating, or dismissing them.

A Call to Cosmopolitan Communication is not a call to arms but a call to human thriving.

The call to human thriving is answered when we recognize that our lives are shaped in social interaction with others and that the quality of our communication with each other matters enormously. This book, along with Penman and Jensen’s previous work in “Making Better Social Worlds”, supports Cosmopolis2045.com, a companion project depicting one vision of a better social world that can emerge from a cosmopolitan mindset.

Relevance to the current social/political situation

“Arthur Jensen’s A Call to Cosmopolitan Communication is a ‘Must Read’ both for its explanation of the theory, Coordinated Management of Meaning, and for its relevance to the current social/political situation in the Western World.”

~Vernon Cronen, Emeritus Professor, University of Massachusetts

New forms of relating where differences can co-exist

“The accessibility of Jensen’s writing invites the reader—both professional and lay—to recognize how cosmopolitan communication can save us from mutual destruction and facilitate the construction of new forms of relating where differences can co-exist.”

~ Sheila McNamee, Professor of Communication, University of New Hampshire

How do we go on from here?

“Turn on cable news; open a newspaper or join friends, family and neighbors for a conversation. Inevitably, seemingly within moments, the topic of polarized conversations surfaces. Arthur Jensen’s new book, A Call to Cosmopolitan Communication, is a must read for those who, like me, are asking themselves: ‘How do we go on from here?’ “

~ Ilene Wasserman, President ,ICW Consulting Group