More exciting CosmoKidz developments

New race, identity and culture activities for CosmoKidz

Race, culture and identity are important issues, especially in the socio-emotional development of children. A subgroup from our CMM community—Ashley Causey, Kim Pearce, Nicole Wells, Marit Eikaas Haavimb, Barbara Volger, Amy McDonald and Katrina Telles—have been working on creating a special card set around topics of race, identity, and culture for CosmoKidz.

The group drew on their experiences of working in the classroom to create particular scenarios that dealt with race, identity, and culture for children to discuss. The topics covered:

  • celebrating you
  • exploring our similarities and our differences    
  • what makes a family?
  • what makes a tradition?
  • being or not being chosen
  • what we smell and taste

In addition to the scenarios, our team created intentional questions and activities to help support teachers to facilitate conversations from the scenarios. 

This new set of activity cards will be ready before the new school year starts.


New grant for CosmoKidz

The Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund has awarded the CMM Institute a $15,000 grant for the upcoming academic year to continue our work at Independence Leadership Academy (ILA).  ILA is a pre-k through 4th grade CosmoKidz school.  Every class and every grade-level are using CosmoKidz and CosmoTweenz resources and activities to “normalize” ways to interacting and being-in-relation with each other.

We are interested in following the pre-kindergarten students through the end of 4th grade to learn what changes occur in the children’s social-emotional development, in the overall classroom environment, and the overall school culture. This longitudinal research in an entire school adds to our previous seven years of research in individual classes in Arizona and Louisiana.

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