New publications

New publications


The new publications are:

Witt, J. & Steen, S. (2021). Talking and listening to build a stronger military: Cosmopolitan communication as an essential skill of military leader development. The Journal of Character and Leadership Development, Winter, pp. 190-204. under Cosmopolitan communication

Fisher-Yoshida, B. (2021). Case report: Are you one of us and can we trust you?: Taking a communication perspective in participatory research. Frontiers in Communication, 27 January 2021

Chetro-Szivos, J., Haavimb, M. & Pearce, K. (in press). CosmoKidz: Helping children make better social worlds. In T. Socha (Ed.)
More details to follow when published but a pre-publication copy is available at under CosmoKidz

Pearce, K. (2021) It’s a good day to SOAR. Oracle, AZ: CMM InstituteAn e-book for use in the classroom with young children.
Available at the KidzStore.

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