Musing between the spaces

Musing between the spaces

Rik Spann uses music as a frame for understanding all manner of things. Here he offers his recent musing, provoked by the impact of the pandemic, on being, playing and talking in the spaces.


In times of hardship, we need some comfort.
Friends. Love. Understanding. Respect. Family. Connections. Music.

Is music something you hear through melodies, harmonies, rhythm, sounds?
Through instruments, dissonance, resonance, grooves, alterations, voices?
Or is it that mysterious thing that you hear when you listen to what is hidden in the noise?
That thing that you sense when you stop making sense?
That memory of a future that is waiting in the wings?

I don’t know. Let’s start here. I don’t know.
What a cool place to start.
Let’s be silent.

And, for a change, not open up our mouths to declare ‘what it is’.
Mystery? Mystery doesn’t need a question mark.
Mystery is a question mark. That’s the fun of it.

Scientists proving that science doesn’t prove a thing. Let’s write a song about that. Writers writing that writing is exactly that: writing. Let’s add some sound. Communicators communicating about communicating. Where’s the symphony to spread the good news?

I once thought: there must be more than this.
I thought maybe that’s what music is.
Then I thought : there must be less than this. That could be music too.

Or maybe it’s in the spaces.
For today: let me rest. It’s in the spaces.

So when I listen to you and me talking, I don’t know.
I don’t hear no patterns.
I’m not being aware of what happens.

I’m just noise. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Or maybe less, after all.

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