Using CMM in military contexts

Using CMM in military contexts

The Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society (IUS) is a forum for the interchange and assessment of research and scholarship in the social and behavioral sciences dealing with the military establishment and civil-military relations. The Fellows who make up the IUS include academics, military officers, researchers, and students representing a variety of private and public institutions and various academic disciplines.

The IUS is based on the premise that research on military institutions is best conducted across university, organizational, disciplinary, theoretical, and national lines. The Fellows of the IUS differ widely in their strategic and political outlooks, but they share the common view that objective research on military organizations is a worthy endeavor. They believe that such research makes an invaluable contribution to citizen understanding of armed forces.

In this year’s IUS conference in November, a panel session was held on how CMM can be used in military contexts:

Considering the “Coordinated Management of Meaning:” A Practical Educational Tool for Helping Military Students and Veterans Manage Complex Intercultural Interactions 

Chair: Susan Steen, Air Force Culture and Language Center,

Discussant: Allison Abbe, Institute for Defense Analysis,

  • Transforming Learning and Social (re)construction vs. Transition: CMM and Communication Strategies for Addressing Moral Conflict in Blended Cohorts in Military Psychology Studies: Barton Buechner, Adler University
  • Integrating CMM Content into Reflexive Practice Curriculum for Military Medical Students: Lauren Mackenzie, Marine Corps University
  • Considering Connection, Community, Conflict, Cortex, and CMM in a Graduate Course for Military and Civilian Students:  Susan Steen, Air Force Culture and Language Center

The presentations were well received, and the audience included several international Defence Ministry representatives (both Germany and Netherlands).

For more information on the presentations, contact Bart Buechner at

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