Learning Interchange Issue 2, February 2018


New Year’s Greetings 
February 2018



Greetings, friends and colleagues! 
On behalf of the Board of the CMM Institute, I’m sending a brief letter about some of our hopes and plans for 2018.  In a time of continued polarization and dis-ease our focus this year is on social change and community building.  This letter will focus on three specific opportunities for your involvement and will end by suggesting additional possibilities.

Opportunity #1: 
U.S. East Coast CMM Learning Exchange

In collaboration with the MBA program at Assumption College in Worchester, Massachusetts, our first Learning Exchange will occur on Friday and Saturday, April 20-21.  The theme is CMM in the World:  Cases for Social Change.  The cost is $50 and includes a light dinner and a continental breakfast.   We are soliciting case studies and envision our time together as a collaborative inquiry to strengthen our individual and collective practices around social responsibility.  For more information, contact ra.frkal@assumption.edu 
Opportunity #2: 
2018 Fellows Program:  Call for Proposals

 In partnership with Columbia University, we are seeking innovative proposals that “take a communication perspective” and draw on CMM in ways that address patterns of inequality and that foster inclusion.  Applications are due by March 15 and notification of acceptance will take place in mid-April.  Our 2018 Fellows will present their work at the 2018 Learning Exchange in Oracle, Arizona in late October.  Fellows recipients will also receive a $500 honorarium and money toward their travel expenses to the Learning Exchange in Arizona.  For more information and for the application, contact  bartonbuechner@gmail.com 

Opportunity #3: 
U.S. West Coast CMM Learning Exchange

 Save the Date:  Saturday and Sunday, October 27 and 28.
The CMM Institute will travel back to the beautiful Sonoran desert where we have had past Learning Exchanges to explore the theme of “Building Community.”   We will provide more information in the weeks and months to come but, for now, save the date.

Additional Possibilities
There are many other, less formal, opportunities to become involved in the vision and the work of the CMM Institute.  Listed are four of several possibilities: 

If you are interested in the social development of young people, we are building on CosmoKidz by developing CosmoTweenz (8-12 years) and CosmoTeenz (13-16).  If you are interested in joining us in this endeavor, or want to know more, contact Marit Haavimb at  mariteikaashaavimb@gmail.com

If you are interested in the development of our futuristic virtual city, Cosmopolis, which has taken seriously “the communication perspective,” or want to know more, contact Arthur Jensen at adjensen142@gmail.com or Robyn Penman at robyn.penman@clearmail.com.au

If you are interested in writing a book for our Thin Book series, or want to know more, contact Ilene Wasserman at iwasserman@icwconsulting.com

Lastly, if you are interested in helping us envision a more vibrant and helpful CMM Institute website  and/or help develop content, contact Sergej van Middendorp at sergej.van.middendorp@milesahead.eu

We have many hopes for the year, but chief among them is helping to create a “home” for those of you who want to connect and participate in this community in meaningful ways.

We will be reaching out to you throughout the year with information about opportunities and projects, but we also want you to reach out to us with your ideas and suggestions for ways to strengthen our bonds as we work to make better social worlds through our work and through our lives.

Sending our best,
Kim Pearce and the Board of the CMM Institute

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