Learning Interchange Issue 1, October 2017

CMMI Newsletter—Our Learning Interchange
October 2017



Good things to report

Cosmokidz goes to Louisianna:
Our first ever CosmoKidz camp

We have sports camps, art camps, scholastic camps, but have you ever heard of a camp that focuses on helping kids develop better communicating skills? Well, this year there was one. We held our first ever Camp CosmoKidz this summer in Louisianna. The camp and its aftermath is such an extraordinary example of how one small thing can be so positively welcomed and then blossom into more, that we wanted to tell you the story.

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CMM theory helping to elevate military cultural competence

We don’t often think of CMM theory being used in military contexts but three military educators are doing just that. This is an exciting application and if you are interested you can read an overview of the lessons and best practices for educators and coaches they have compiled from teaching cosmopolitan communication concepts to service members and veterans.

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Research News

Intercultural transitions and migrant-host relationships in
Germany: An example of activist scholarship

Versha Anderson has given us an overview of her PhD research in which she engaged in activist scholarship to understand the intercultural transitions of refugees and migrant-host relationships in Germany, their country of refuge. She collaborated with refugees and hosts to co-construct stories of positive intercultural interactions. This attention to the positive, led to stories affirming the importance of intercultural competency, social support, and empathy as core elements of positive interaction.

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From the CMM Digital Collection

New models and metaphors for communication

Fitchburg State University’s digital library has a Coordinated Management of Meaning Collection consisting of all of Barnett Pearce’s written records. These include many unpublished, but still immensely insightful, papers as well as published chapters, articles and presentations. This collection can be accessed at http://digitalarchives.fitchburgstate.edu/cdm/landingpage/collection/p15892coll12.
In each newsletter we will discuss a particular item from that collection. In this issue Sergej Van Middendorp has selected an unpublished paper on metaphor: “New Models and Metaphors for Communication” (Pearce, W. B., n.d.).

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Commentary by Kim Pearce

Hurricane Harvey as one Metaphor for Our Current Political Climate and the Role of CMM as a First Responder

The months of August and September, 2017 will go down in history as months of fierce world-wide natural disasters that will not be forgotten anytime soon. These disasters, and the ways ordinary people have responded in a time of crisis, have inspired me to think about another type of disaster entirely of our making: national/international social/political disasters. I have asked myself “what can we learn from our response to natural disasters that can help us in our social/political disasters”? This paper is my exploration of this question. Please join me in this exploration…

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Community happenings

Invitation for all to participate in our newsletter

This section of our newsletter is open for all to contribute. If you want to let others in the CMM community know about your own happenings, you are welcome to submit the information. We’d like you to treat this area as a community noticeboard. Contact robyn.penman@cleamail.com.au with contributions.

Learning Exchange: London, Oct. 2017

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New publication: Communicating Possibilities: A Brief Introduction to the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM)

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Meet the Fellows from the Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4)

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