A new CMM bibliography: Call for contributions

A new CMM bibliography: Call for contributions

In 2004 Kevin Barge and Barnett Pearce published “A reconnaissance of CMM research” and identified over a 100 published works falling under the rubric of CMM. From their reconnaissance, they found that there was more of it, as well as a greater variety than they expected, from which they concluded there was a sufficient empirical basis for confidence that CMM’s concepts and models are viable ways for understanding our social worlds. They also concluded that there was great deal of unrealized potential due to missed opportunities, under-reported research, and prematurely abandoned research programs.

Our current review of CMM work is intended to cover the period from Barge & Pearce’s review onwards and to cover what they identified as “unrealized potential” by including unreported research along with other scholarly works that fall outside of the conventional ambit of “research”. To this end we are including, where we can, such unpublished work as masters and doctoral theses, reports of practical applications, and CMM extensions into hitherto unknown arenas.

We have already compiled over 100 references and are very excited about the breadth and depth of material we’ve compiled. Apart from being a resource in its own right, we are also planning that this bibliography will act as the basis for a CMM library to be held on the CMMI website.

We are now asking for your contributions to this list—especially of unpublished material that you would like to see the light of day.

If you would like your own CMM-related works, published or unpublished, to be included in the bibliography please let us know. And if you’d like your works to also be included in our emergent library please send them to us. Include all material from 2000 to 2019.

For each work could you let us know:

  • The complete reference, preferably using APA6 style
  • Include some keywords to help us catalogue the material
  • Also include where the piece may be found—journal url, other website location, etc—or attach a full copy for inclusion in the CMMI library.

Send material to:

robyn.penman@clearmail.com.au                    adjensen142@gmail.com

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