Call for Proposals 2018 CMMI Fellows Program

Call for Proposals 2018 CMMI Fellows Program

We are seeking innovative proposals for projects that “take a communication perspective” on one or more of the social issues facing our increasingly complex social worlds.  This year we are looking for proposals that draw on CMM theory and practice explicitly to show or create the potential for “making better social worlds” in a way that addresses patterns of inequality, and that fosters inclusion.

We are particularly interested in proposals that address one or more of these topics:

  • Transcending polarized narratives
  • Renewing human connections and bringing together people in community
  • Fostering shared curiosity and understanding at the workplace

Please be specific about:

  • How you will be applying CMM tools and practices in your paper or project
  • How you will use the support from CMMI to further your work


If your proposal is accepted, you will be invited to attend and present your work at the 2018 CMM Learning Exchange in Oracle, Arizona, October 27-28, 2018. The partnering institutions may feature your projects and papers on their respective websites and/or publications. Additionally, Fellows may also be invited to engage in a peer coaching program during their Fellowship year. This may include periodic online or phone conversations with CMM Institute Board Members, past and current CMMI Fellows, and collaborative connections with others in the extended CMM “family” with related interests.

Important Dates

Applications are due by March 15, 2018 by 2400 (midnight) Eastern Standard Time

Notifications of acceptance can be expected in the second half of April.

Fellows will be expected to make a presentation of their work at the CMM Learning Exchange in Oracle, Arizona, October 27-28 2018

We invite you to join our previous year CMMI Fellows

  • 2011: Jeff Leineweaver, Romi Goldsmith Boucher, John Carr, Susan Jacobson, Charles E. Morris III
  • 2012: Kazuma Matoba, Barton Buechner
  • 2013: Sergej Van Middendorp, Erin Dolan, Caly Meyers
  • 2015: Jami Blythe, Paul Chappell, Darrin Murray, Erika Jacobi, Venera Kusari, Jonathan Shailor
  • 2016: Ann Ritter, Judith Enrique Gibson, Versha Anderson
  • 2017: Tracey Johnson, Peter Robinson, Don Waisenen

View their projects and papers at: CMMI Fellows.

CMMI Fellows application process

Applications should be submitted using the 2018 Letter of Intent format, as appended to this email for easy reference. (We also expect a downloadable format of the LOI to be added to the CMMI Website in the Fellows section.) Complete the form, attach supporting documents, and email the completed application package to either Bart or Ilene (at email addresses shown above) not later than March 15th:

Representatives from the sponsoring institutions will conduct a blind review of applications received and make recommendations. The CMM Institute Board will make the final selection of the Fellows in mid-April.

More About CMM

The communication perspective is essentially about focus on how we make our social worlds together in communication. There are stories we tell about the pressing social issues we face, and the others who are involved in them, that can become embodied in ourselves and in our social institutions. The way we look at this communication, and what we are making together in our patterns of communication, may help us to consider better ways of being, and of being together.

The Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) offers a body of practical theory and a palette of conceptual and practical models and tools that allow us to see how our social worlds and identities are made in patterns of communication, and visualize other possibilities for constructing better social worlds. Browse the Digital collection, Papers, Videos, and Books pages to learn more about CMM theory and resources.

The CMM Institute offers a range of learning resources for engaging with CMM and a community of scholars and practitioners who use it. For more information about the CMM Institute, contact Kim Pearce at

If you have questions about the 2018-CMMI Fellowship, please reach out to one or both of the CMMI co-coordinators, Barton Buechner and Ilene Wasserman, at or


Application for 2018 CMM Institute Fellows Program

Complete your two-part application following the formats below and email it by 2400 EST, March 15, 2018 to the CMMI Fellows Co-chairs

Bart Buechner at
Ilene Wasserman at

1.Letter of intent

Please cut and paste this format into your word processing program. It will serve as cover letter to accompany your proposal:


Home Phone

Cell Phone

Mailing Address

City / State / Zip Code

E-Mail Address

Preferred method of contact:

Career Field/Profession



Faculty Advisor (if applicable)

How did you hear about the Fellows Program?

Submission Title

 2. Proposal details

Complete a 3-page single spaced description of the proposed project, in MS WORD or similar word processing program, following this format.

Name of proposal

Your rationale for this project

Methodology (or combination of methods) to be used,

Anticipated outcomes, and

Anything else you would like the selection committee to know about the project and its impact.


IMPORTANT: Please do not include your name or affiliation on the proposal document, as there will be a blind review process of all applications.

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